Americas Favourite Pictures

Port Canaveral 10-2014 (1)
Welcome to my America’s Favourite Pictures Blog. I will be leading you through some of my favorite pictures. I am not a Brit but my site has a British spelling. Well I’m looking to give you some nice compositions of pictures from around the Americas. Not all countries in the Americas use the standard U.S.’s spelling of words. Consider Argentina heavily influenced by the British culture. Or consider the islands of the Caribbean also prone to using British spelling of words. The Canadian government may choose to use British spelling as they are and were heavily connected to the British Isles. If you’re wondering why favourite then you have come to the right place. For the same reason we pronounce our words differently. The British people were the originators of the English language and we intend to remind you of that regularly on our blog. I hope you enjoy reading about how great the English language is and how wonderful are the Americas.

God Save the King

When musicians began translating and composing song for the newly founded United States they even found it worthwhile to borrow songs that had been early borrowed by England to form patriotic hymns like “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” used previously as a song to laud the kings and queens of foreign countries. The English version speaks of God’s protection over the king or queen of England while the American version praises the land itself for all the events that have transpired in the United States of America the final verses added with the abolition of slavery in the 1843.

Music and Imagery

There’s a great deal more to populating the artistic history of a nation than music and imagery but these are some of the most vibrant links that an individual holds in their memories. Sound and Sight are the two greatest leaders in understanding and it is with no surprise that the deaf and blind have the greatest need for added assistance in the world we live in. Experience is so strongly tied to these two things and for this reason we try to include as much of those things in this blog. Sight and sounds make memories and our dreams themselves are made up more of pictures and ideas than they are of words and books. It is the very aim of a writing to convey ideas and imagery, and if it fails to do that the writing is considered boring or dead or unimportant.

We will post interesting videos, photos and songs to this site in hopes that you will be drawn into a more visceral understanding of the Americas and what it is we like about them. If you have the time to sit down and read our blog from time to time then please follow us. I hope you will enjoy the different aspects of life we can highlight and will be drawn to the vibrant colored pictures and deeply meaningful songs of our fathers.

Here is a copy of the musical notation: